Home and Beach

Yes my op is all over, I'm home again and it's now just a matter of being patient and not doing anything stupid while I am healing. Certainly don't want to end up in hospital again! Still in a bit of pain but nothing too bad and it is getting better all the time. Look forward to being able to drive again in about a month's time and to getting my independence back.

We have been having some beautiful weather since I've been home and I was feeling sad that this was the end of the summer and yet I haven't had a summer holiday so my daughter Nicky came over and took me for a car ride to Piha Beach (for non-NZers this is pronounced pee-ha - a Maori place name). Piha is a popular New Zealand surf beach though as it was a weekday there were not too many surfers in evidence. We sat in the sun and ate our picnic lunch enjoying the scenery and peaceful surroundings. Here are some photos I took at Piha (I call these my holiday snaps, although we were there for only a couple of hours)!


The rock is famously known as Lion Rock, though I have to be honest and say that from this viewpoint I can't see much resemblance to a lion whatsoever. I think you have to be at the other end of Piha looking back to see the likeness.

The head at the bottom of the photo is my daughter Nicky.

The tide was out and the surf not as big and wild as it usually is.



Thanks Nicky for a lovely outing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! I'm so glad to hear you're home now and that you're well! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos, it seems like you had a great time and I do see a resemblance to lion. :)
Hugs, Vanja

Janet said...

so glad you are home and on the mend!! these are amazing pictures!!!

Anne said...

So glad to hear you're getting on well after your op.

Losing the independence of driving, even if you don't feel up to it, is tough. It'll be great when you're able to just get in and drive, or at least know that you CAN if you want to :)

Take care

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