The last of the Xmas Cards

Just a short post this time and probably my final one for 2010.  Think this is the final cards for Christmas 2011 (I hope!!!)

IMG_1568       IMG_1570

IMG_1572      IMG_1573

IMG_1575      IMG_1585

IMG_1583      IMG_1577

My very best wishes to everyone for a wonderful Christmas and happiness in 2011.

Home sweet home

I’m home again recovering after the operation and six days in hospital.  Still quite painful but apparently it all went well and I am happy to be home again.  Not doing much more than pottering around but hope to do a bit of cardmaking later today if I don’t fall asleep again – think it’s the painkillers.

xmas images


Isn’t this a cute little image found on  Hope to be able to post some Christmas cards for you to see in the next day or so.

Guess everyone is running around frantically preparing for Christmas – I am being spared that this year!  I’m leaving it all to my daughters.

Thanks for all your get well wishes – so many thoughtful and kind people out there.

Out of action

Just to let you all know I’ll be absent from the blogging world for a little while.  I go into hospital next Monday to have part of my rib removed to get rid of the tumour.  Hopefully I will only be in there for about 4 days and then recuperate at home.  If I feel okay I could be back up here again in no time!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend.

PS:  Have a few more Christmas cards to show you when I get back.

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