Pretties scrapbook creation

Twice over recent weeks Jacque - has created beautiful scrapbook layouts using SU papers and accessories. The last one was using the SU Pretties kit. Doesn't it look gorgeous and has made me now want to get this kit - it's next on my wishlist. This is my eldest daughter when she was just three - so sweet! That's why I need a Pretties kit so I can do a matching page for my youngest daughter.


This is another layout we did the other week. Know it's hard to believe but yes, that's me and yes, I know it doesn't bear much resemblance to how I look now. Methinks radical cosmetic surgery is what is needed.


Love the clean simple lines of these layouts - not too cluttered. Also feel that they were more suited to black & white or sepia photos rather than coloured which can sometimes overpower the layout.

New to view ...

Have had quite a lot of birthdays lately. Here are photos of the last 'bunch of birthdays'.

This is another colour variation of the beautiful Wild Rose card I made earlier. On the right is a matching wallet in which I inserted a magazine subscription card. This was for our friend Sandra (Sandy) who was celebrating her 'coming of age' - old age that is, and the label of superannuant!!!

image_4-2 IMG_0066

Bday Joan 08

My dear friend and fellow stamper Joan also had a birthday recently so I had to do something special for her (not a copy of what we have done at stamping class) so came up with this albeit cased card - gorgeous isn't it. I was so thrilled with the way it turned out.

Joan and her husband will be going overseas to the UK shortly for six weeks - hurry back Joan, I'll miss you!


Another milestone birthday recently was my ex work colleague and friend Judith who unbelievably has just celebrated her 70th birthday. Congratulations Judith - you don't look anywhere as old as that.

Not sure why but this photo has come out very faint and I also forgot to take a photo of the inside as it is a pop-up card! Oh well ...

65 bday JudySLast but not least another 65 year old (no wonder the country's broke - it's all these people now collecting superannuation!!). My cousin loves birds so I did this card for her.

I was trying out techniques of brayering the background but also being able to colour the stamped image. Not quite what I wanted as I had to end up using permanent marker pens and didn't have the right colours but ... wait for it ... I think I have found a solution for next time, so just watch this space.

I also used my Cuttlebug embossing folder - Distressed Stripes on the Really Rust cardstock.

The slow road to ...?

25 May: Well that's what it feels like - a road that goes on and on without an end in sight. It is nearly eight months now since I was diagnosed as having a recurrence of my ovarian cancer, eight months of tests, hospital check-ups and delays.

Seven weeks ago my Oncology doctor said she was putting through the paperwork for me to have the (as previously mentioned over the months) PET scan as it was now a priority to determine whether this is an isolated, operable tumour or whether there are recurrences in more than one place. I was then told it would be put before the Variance Committee (to obtain the funding) on the 18th April. When I heard zilch I rang around and spoke, I think, to the entire hospital staff, all of whom knew nothing before getting someone who told me that the meeting had been postponed until the 22nd May!! How on earth can these types of decisions be deferred for a whole month?

Went back last Wednesday the 21st for a routine check-up. Firstly I was informed that the results of the thyroid biopsy I had done a month ago had not come through! More delays and incompetence. I have now finally got these results courtesy of my GP's nurse who chased the results up and thankfully this biopsy was clear. It was also confirmed to me that my Oncology doctor was presenting my case to the board the next day, the 22nd as originally planned. I requested they immediately phone me to let me know the outcome otherwise I would have to seriously consider travelling to Melbourne and paying for the scan myself. I waited in at home all day Thursday and Friday for THE phone call which naturally did not come.

Would love to know who to complain to but don't know who these people are that make the decisions. I'm beginning to think these shadowy figures are just a figment of someone's imagination.

Anyway, thanks for being a sounding board to those of you that have managed to read it thus far. I needed to get this off my chest as I am so, so very down about it all at the moment, not to mention frustrated and worried.

Maybe I'm being used as an experiment to see how far they can push you before you crack - well you never know do you 'cos I have watched programs like The X-Files!!!

Updated 28 May: Well some news at last - I have been given the authority by the Variance Committee to go and have the PET scan. Now have to wait and see when! One step forward ....

A beautiful Autumn day

I love the crisp, clear days we can get in Autumn where everything seems much brighter and more emphasised than normal. This is just like when making cards I tend towards a a nice clean look - not really into the over-fussy.

A couple more cards I have made recently:

IMG_0068 IMG_0074-2

The one on the right is my example using the following layout that I have submitted to Annemarie - for my turn at providing the next challenge. So everyone, go to her blog and enter your card for the challenge. Not sure when she will be posting this but keep trying. Anyway, here's the layout to use:

Card challenge #1

I had a great Mother's Day treat at the weekend. Daughter, Nicky and her husband Paul plus our grandsons, Sam and Tyler, took Nev and I out to dinner at Pastis in Victoria Street West. An authentic French restaurant with snails and all!! Not that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried them or the lambs brains! The guys (including little Tyler) did though but Nicky and I weren't brave enough. They also gave me the new Neil Diamond album and a DVD of Phantom of the Opera and Cats - two movies on one DVD.

Poor Kim felt left out down country and was home alone with the two boys as Murray was up in Auckland working so didn't see her for Mother's Day. Never mind, we talked on the phone and I am going down to stay a couple of nights at the beginning of next week.

Still waiting for news of my PET scan. Nothing happened at the meeting a couple of weeks ago due to the strike and some committee members being absent so it has now been scheduled for the 22nd May to decide whether to send me to Oz. Not sure what is going to happen re my next check up due on the 21st May - guess they will postpone this until I have had the PET scan. Anyway, what's a few more weeks of waiting - I've only been waiting seven months now!!

A Mother's Day Tribute

While a lot of my fellow stampers are busy creating beautiful cards for their mothers for Mother's Day I thought I would take this opportunity to remember my mother and mother-in-law.  I can't give them cards or gifts or take them out for a meal anymore, but I can express my thanks and love for their unfailing devotion and caring.  They both passed away within six months of each other and this was one of the most heartbreaking years of my life.

But I don't intend to spend today dwelling on the sad. I much prefer to remember the happy times.

So here's to two lovely ladies - my dear sweet mum and my caring mother-in-law - I'm so blessed to have had two mothers.

This is also a tribute to all mothers past and present.image

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.
--Pat O'Reilly

Happy Birthday, Sis

Last Tuesday was my little sister's birthday (she's 9 years younger than me) but unfortunately due to her work & family commitments and the fact that she doesn't exactly live around the corner, we will not be meeting for a celebration lunch until tomorrow.

She therefore hasn't received this card yet but you are all getting a sneak preview.  This is cased from Karen but I have changed the colours around.  My sister loves roses and is much better than me at growing them so am hoping she likes it.


This stamp set is Karen's but I have fallen in love with it and the technique of two-step stamping - looks gorgeous.

It's starting to get cold so I'm going to put some socks on - brrr hate winter.

My latest challenge entry and A NEW CAMERA!

Anne-Marie - who is a down-line demonstrator from Jacque, has posted a challenge in which entrants have to create a card or scrapbook page using the colours Groovy Guava, Gable Green and Brocade Blue.

Here is the entry I have sent in:


I have used my new Baroque Motifs stamp set and also had to try out my new photo corner punch! The Gable Green strip at the bottom may not show up as such but it has been crimped just to give a bit of a different texture to the card. I have also used my Dazzling Diamonds.

School holidays so have my eldest grandson, Matthew (I have four!) who is coming up 17 staying and while here is having driving lessons as he lives down country and too far away from driving instructors. He is in the process of buying his first car. Scary!!

Finally got myself a nice new Canon camera so now no excuses about lousy pictures! I'm finding it so nice to use so hope I don't follow my usual habit of always leaving it behind and missing out on some great shots.

I recollect .....

I don't think I'm really cut out to be a good blogger! I keep forgetting to post which caused me to think back to my youth (and that was a long time back!) and how utterly useless I was at keeping a diary. Each year my Aunt in England sent me a schoolgirls diary which I anticipated receiving with excitement and every good intention that this year, I would diligently keep it up to date. These were lovely diaries full of all sorts of information and advice for 'genteel' young ladies as they grew up - perhaps my problem was that I didn't exactly fit the criteria of 'genteel'. Anyway the first few pages would be painstakingly written in, then the entries would become less and less until the last 6-8 months of the diary would be completely empty! I think this bad habit is being repeated in my blogging.image

Anyway on to more interesting things ...

I recently borrowed Karen's lovely Time Well Spent stamp set as we had made a lovely card at her home using this set. I have stolen her photo of the card (I'm sure she won't mind as I am not claiming it as my own creation). This is her card as I don't think mine came out looking quite so nice.

While I had this set here at home, I made three different cards with it - two of the cards were partly cased and the third was an original!

IMG_0006-1IMG_0014-1 IMG_0012-1

If I want to use this set again I'll have to borrow it from Karen as I don't think I'll ever be eligible for a Hostess 3 gift!

Last week at Jacque's class we did a 12x12 scrapbook page - see her blog -

I really enjoyed getting another perspective on doing scrapbook pages using stamps and d/s cardstock. Thanks Jacque.

Last Thursday I had my biopsy & ultra scan on the thyroid. Initial comments at the time indicated that the lump was not cancerous but I'm waiting to have this confirmed when the full lab results come through. I'm still waiting to find out about the PET scan and can't believe how long this is all taking.

Thanks for popping in to catch up on what is happening in my life. I enjoy sharing my love of stamping and cardmaking and invite you to have a look at the projects I have made. You are welcome to take my ideas and use them in your own creations.
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