… and Christmas card making continues

Another couple of Christmas cards to show you:

IMG_1995  IMG_1994

Above are two variations of the same theme.  Think I prefer the one on the right. Have to love the new embossing colours.


Gee, this was a quick post!

Best news … ever!!!

For those of you who are not on Facebook thought you might like to see this post I have just put up there.  So so chuffed that I have to share it with everyone.

BEST NEWS EVER!!  Have to share with you.  As you know I am currently 'waging a war' with two unrelated cancers - Fallopian/Ovarian and Myeloma.  At present having chemo for the myeloma in my spine and ribs.  At the same time my CA125 (cancer marker) for the Fallopian/Ovarian cancer had at last count shot up to over 1400 (normal level should be under 30) so as you can imagine I was really scared at what I would be told at my oncology check up today.  Such wonderful and unexpected news - my CA125 has taken a huge drop - now down to 75.  Doctors are amazed as they didn't think my current chemo treatment would have any effect on this cancer.  I am just hoping it continues to drop down to below 30 so that I will be in remission.  Then maybe the other cancer will follow suit.  Think it's all the fantastic support and encouragement I get from friends and family - THANKS EVERYONE.


A is for Airplane (a Birthday card)

Another grandson growing up too fast.  Michael is turning 17 today and I naturally had to make him a card featuring an airplane.  Why … because Michael is learning to fly and indeed has his own Cessna airplane.  Well sort of has his own .. he still owes his father a lot of money for it!

Michael has wanted to fly ever since he was a little kid.  That’s been his burning ambition in life so just want to wish him Happy Birthday and I hope all his dreams come true.




This card has been CASEd from a design by Debbie Rippentrop.  I used the new striped embossing folder though and really, really like the way this card came out.  Hope you liked it Michael.

Christmas Cards – Part 3

This is the last one for now.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing my Christmas cards so far and that it has given you inspiration to make some yourself.

IMG_1976      IMG_1975

The card on the left was based on a tutorial by Kristina Werner and the card on the right (not CASEd, believe it or not) is a simple card that is easy to make a few of at a time. Just stamp then while watching telly or listening to the radio, colour them in.  May be simple to make but I think they are very classy and I do like a simple card with a lot of white space around it.  Makes it look very clean.

Once I have another bunch of cards to show, will do so.  In the meantime, happy creating.

Christmas Cards – Part 2

Another couple of designs I have made recently.

IMG_1977      IMG_1982

Once again I have unashamedly CASEd these.  It’s not my fault – I can’t help it if all that temptation and talent is paraded before my eyes!!!!!  I just have to give in and recreate that card.

You are quite welcome to case my cases!

Christmas Cards – Part 1

Here are a couple of the Christmas cards I have made lately when I have been feeling well enough.  Trying to make at least 4 or so a week so that by the time I need to post them I will have enough.  I try and make two of each card.

IMG_1984      IMG_1983

Sorry but both these cards were CASEd …  my creative juices are a bit slow these days so pick out designs I like from other people and base my cards on them.  What would we do without all those talented people out there?

Loved the way my little bird turned out, he/she looks so cute!  The card on the right has been photographed lying flat rather than  standing up (it’s a easel card) so looks a bit out of shape in this photo.

Hope you enjoy these.

Still struggling on with my weekly chemo treatments – last week wasn’t as bad as the previous one but then I only had to have two drugs instead of three.  Back to the full regime this week.  My haematologist is pleased as my levels are going down so it looks as though the treatment is reaping some benefit.  I have my good days, my not so good days and my ‘b’ awful days!!!  (Yes, my hair is still all intact!!)

Gorgeous weather here in Auckland today for the rugby – go All Blacks!!!

Thanks for popping in to catch up on what is happening in my life. I enjoy sharing my love of stamping and cardmaking and invite you to have a look at the projects I have made. You are welcome to take my ideas and use them in your own creations.
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