The Last? Christmas Card

Think this should be the last of my Christmas cards for this year unless I receive some more unexpected cards that I need to reply to.IMG_2028

I find it hard attaching vellum without the glue showing through and ended up adding a couple of pearls to hide the marks.  Please excuse the quality of the photo but the this was taken in a hurry under artificial lighting.

Made 3 of these quickly as I needed more cards at the last minute but unfortunately these didn’t live up to my expectations, however they do look better IRL.

As I probably won’t be posting again this side of Christmas – I would like to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and my very best wishes for a successful and happy New Year.

Christmas has come to our home

Well, sort of – we have a pathetically small Christmas tree but I still think it looks nice.  Anyway, when you see the room as a whole it does have a nice Christmassy ambience.

Just a couple of photos – one with my brother Dave who is over visiting from Australia for Christmas.

IMG_2012      IMG_2016


Merry Christmas season all.

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms

Just wanted to share these photos of our cherry blossom trees which are looking absolutely wonderful this year.  For once the wind hasn’t come along and blown all the flowers away!

Love these trees.

Butterfly Thanks

I needed some more ‘Thanks’ cards so made this little card (9.9 cm square).  You can get 3 of these cards out of one sheet of A4 cardstock.  I used the cute little Kindness Matters stamp set and for the middle butterfly stamped it out a second time on vellum then coloured it on the wrong side and mounted to give it a 3D look.IMG_2004

The ribbon is Very Vanilla Seam Binding ribbon – a lovely soft and pliable ribbon – which I have dyed using So Saffron ink refill.  As a hobby demonstrator I find that dying a neutral coloured ribbon is an economical way of having matching ribbons.  As much as I would like to have a full selection of all ribbons in all colours it would be impractical as one spool of ribbon lasts me for ages.

Well it’s Wednesday tomorrow – my weekly chemo day.  Would love to eliminate this day out of my week entirely!!  I’ve only just got over last week’s meds and started to feel a bit energetic again.  I still have another 15 weeks on this regime then will have to start on some different drugs for probably another 15-18 weeks.  Trying not to think that far ahead as it seems to stretch too far in the future.

Cancer stinks – have been following the blog of a sister stamper in the U.S., Katie, who was diagnosed with Grade 4 stomach cancer at the end of last year and who lost her fight this morning leaving a grieving husband and 3 little boys without their mother.  Her journey has been quite emotional for me as even though I have never met or spoken to her, I have been praying for her and her family but my prayers, and those of countless others, were in vain.  So terribly, terribly sad.  You can go to Katie’s blog if you so wish – My Paper Haven – and send up some silent prayers for her family.  Katie was a fighter, and her attitude to her illness and her willingness to share her journey so openly and honestly is a tribute to her memory.

Sorry if this post has become so gloomy but it does make me appreciate and be thankful for my still being here to keep fighting.  I still have a lot to look forward to.
I hope you and your family are all well and happy and enjoying life.

The WOW Christmas Event

Our WOW PaperKrafters team held a great Christmas event last Saturday.  Lovely projects and afternoon tea not to mention, the lovely ladies there.

Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have as was still feeling rotten after this week’s chemo.  Normally I have mostly recovered by Saturday but as is Murphy’s Law – this week was an exception.  Never mind, have had fun the last day or so completing all the projects I did not feel like doing there and for which I just brought all the kits and bits and bobs home.

Here’s the finished line up:

IMG_1999 IMG_1996 IMG_1997 IMG_2002

Bottom left are made from the SU open ended envelopes with the top cut off and decorated.  By crimping the main envelope it narrows it slightly so that the top can just slide over.  Great for chocolate bars, sachets of tea, herbs or bath salts etc. The box on the bottom right contains 4 small cards and envelopes to match.  Really easy to make and a great pre-Xmas gift (so they can use the cards on Xmas presents).  I love them all – the cute punch-art snowman and I have always loved the Winter Post stamp set – so much so that I have now given in and ordered it!!

Thanks Karen, Debbie, Sally and Lesley for creating and demonstrating these for us.

… and Christmas card making continues

Another couple of Christmas cards to show you:

IMG_1995  IMG_1994

Above are two variations of the same theme.  Think I prefer the one on the right. Have to love the new embossing colours.


Gee, this was a quick post!

Best news … ever!!!

For those of you who are not on Facebook thought you might like to see this post I have just put up there.  So so chuffed that I have to share it with everyone.

BEST NEWS EVER!!  Have to share with you.  As you know I am currently 'waging a war' with two unrelated cancers - Fallopian/Ovarian and Myeloma.  At present having chemo for the myeloma in my spine and ribs.  At the same time my CA125 (cancer marker) for the Fallopian/Ovarian cancer had at last count shot up to over 1400 (normal level should be under 30) so as you can imagine I was really scared at what I would be told at my oncology check up today.  Such wonderful and unexpected news - my CA125 has taken a huge drop - now down to 75.  Doctors are amazed as they didn't think my current chemo treatment would have any effect on this cancer.  I am just hoping it continues to drop down to below 30 so that I will be in remission.  Then maybe the other cancer will follow suit.  Think it's all the fantastic support and encouragement I get from friends and family - THANKS EVERYONE.


A is for Airplane (a Birthday card)

Another grandson growing up too fast.  Michael is turning 17 today and I naturally had to make him a card featuring an airplane.  Why … because Michael is learning to fly and indeed has his own Cessna airplane.  Well sort of has his own .. he still owes his father a lot of money for it!

Michael has wanted to fly ever since he was a little kid.  That’s been his burning ambition in life so just want to wish him Happy Birthday and I hope all his dreams come true.




This card has been CASEd from a design by Debbie Rippentrop.  I used the new striped embossing folder though and really, really like the way this card came out.  Hope you liked it Michael.

Christmas Cards – Part 3

This is the last one for now.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing my Christmas cards so far and that it has given you inspiration to make some yourself.

IMG_1976      IMG_1975

The card on the left was based on a tutorial by Kristina Werner and the card on the right (not CASEd, believe it or not) is a simple card that is easy to make a few of at a time. Just stamp then while watching telly or listening to the radio, colour them in.  May be simple to make but I think they are very classy and I do like a simple card with a lot of white space around it.  Makes it look very clean.

Once I have another bunch of cards to show, will do so.  In the meantime, happy creating.

Christmas Cards – Part 2

Another couple of designs I have made recently.

IMG_1977      IMG_1982

Once again I have unashamedly CASEd these.  It’s not my fault – I can’t help it if all that temptation and talent is paraded before my eyes!!!!!  I just have to give in and recreate that card.

You are quite welcome to case my cases!

Christmas Cards – Part 1

Here are a couple of the Christmas cards I have made lately when I have been feeling well enough.  Trying to make at least 4 or so a week so that by the time I need to post them I will have enough.  I try and make two of each card.

IMG_1984      IMG_1983

Sorry but both these cards were CASEd …  my creative juices are a bit slow these days so pick out designs I like from other people and base my cards on them.  What would we do without all those talented people out there?

Loved the way my little bird turned out, he/she looks so cute!  The card on the right has been photographed lying flat rather than  standing up (it’s a easel card) so looks a bit out of shape in this photo.

Hope you enjoy these.

Still struggling on with my weekly chemo treatments – last week wasn’t as bad as the previous one but then I only had to have two drugs instead of three.  Back to the full regime this week.  My haematologist is pleased as my levels are going down so it looks as though the treatment is reaping some benefit.  I have my good days, my not so good days and my ‘b’ awful days!!!  (Yes, my hair is still all intact!!)

Gorgeous weather here in Auckland today for the rugby – go All Blacks!!!

Christmas cards for a caring friend



You have heard me mention my bff Anne who is always doing lovely baking and meals for me when I am sick.  Well I decided to start her off with her Christmas cards.  I copied 2 designs that I have posted previously so won’t put them up here again but did do a third design so she could have a choice (pictured on right).

I also made a little bag to put the six cards and envelopes in and have told her I will refill it when she has used these.  A rash promise as I haven’t even started making my own Christmas cards yet!!


How are you all getting on with your Christmas preparations?  Seems only yesterday I was preparing for last Christmas!!  Where does the time go.


PS:  Hope you are really impressed with me – three posts in three days!!!

I still have my hair!!

Just a quick update on how my chemo treatments are going.  Seems to be settling into a pattern each week – Wednesdays are chemo treatment days then either Friday or Saturday I have a bad day then the next day start to improve then I am okay again until the Wednesday.  Another downside is sleeping – can’t seem to sleep more than 4-5 hours at a stretch then wide awake – apparently a side effect of the steroids which I also have to take.  Wednesday night is the worse, usually only 2-3 hours sleep at the most even with a pill to help me sleep.  Never mind at least I don’t have to go out to work and can rest in the afternoon if necessary.  Also with hubby taking up all the TV time watching RWC I can stretch out on the sofa in the early hours of the morning and catch up on all my recorded programs!

And yes, as you saw above – I still have my hair!  Perhaps I shouldn’t be making a big deal about this as it could still all fall out but so far, so good.

Another downside – it looks like these treatments will continue on relentlessly until the New Year, then will be followed by some maintenance treatments (providing I go into remission).

Ever hopeful we are in the process of booking a 2 week cruise at the end of March so please keep your fingers crossed that it all works out and I am well enough to do it.  But – if we don’t book now we won’t be able to go anyway so it’s a risk we are going to take and it is something to strive for and look forward to.

Hoping you are all keeping healthy and well.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Paul (our son-in-law) for today and a belated Birthday Greetings to our other son-in-law Murray.  I can show you Paul’s card but I forgot to take a photo of Murray’s.  Will try and take one next time I go down country to visit.

IMG_1961     Paul is obsessed (yes you are Paul!!!) with cars so naturally had to use this car from the new Need for Speed stamp set.  Paul is a graphic designer so I tried to do something a little trendy using the distressing kit to create the background and the car is supposed to look like it has been engraved on a plaque.

Need for Speed stamps are ideal for guys – if I ever get to post Murray’s card you will see that I have used the airplane stamp (his obsession –airplanes!)

Happy stamping.

Poppy Parade Thanks

IMG_1960    IMG_1964

I recently needed some little ‘Thanks’ notecards so came up with this design.  Very economical to make as you can get three out of one sheet of A4 cardstock if you cut carefully.

  • Cut 10.5 cm off the end of an A4 sheet of cardstock.
  • Cut remaining cardstock into two measuring 10.5 cm x 19 cm
  • Trim the length of the first cut piece to 19 cm giving you 3 x pieces measuring 10.5 cm x 19 cm
  • Score each piece at 5cm each end
  • The inside piece measures 10 cm x 8.5 cm.
  • Finish as in photo above or design your own embellishments.

I used Poppy Parade for my cards – really bright and cheerful and teamed it with last year’s In-Colour Designer Series Paper to match.  I have accumulated so much DSP that I am having to be very frugal and not be tempted to buy more, but it’s not easy as there are some beautiful new designs in the new catalogue.  Oh well, will have to make more cards and use up my existing stock as quickly as possible!!

These notecards could also be used for birthdays, gift cards etc.

Designer Frames

Think I’m in love with these new embossing folders.  They are so versatile and I can see myself doing lots with them.  Was a bit dubious before purchasing, but no, well worth it.

Here are two simple cards using these folders.  You can see that you don’t really need a lot of other embellishments – just plain and simple does it.IMG_1957


For the first one I have finally made my first Christmas card (I must get on and start doing more before Christmas has come and gone!!!)  I have used the shimmer paint on the frame and part of the bird which looks really effective.

The next one I feel is so cute. Here I have finally used the (now redundant?) Sweet Summer set from the last Saleabration catalogue.  Not sure why I have never used it before because it is a lovely set.  Can’t bear to part with a lot of my old sets so will probably hang on to them a while longer and get sIMG_1958ome fun and lovin’ out of them.

There is one thing I must remember to do, and that is to put a piece of paper on top of my folder to stop the indentations around the sides – you will see what I mean on the second card.

You can tell I am having fun gradually using all my new toys from the new catty.  Hope you have got lots to play with too.

Chemo and wigs

Went yesterday and got my wig in readiness for losing my hair (they say usually within 2-3 weeks of starting treatment).  Today is the start of Week 2 but luckily my hair is still firmly on my head.  I have some hats also ready to go but the one thing that I’m not sure what to do about is the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes which really make your face look yuck!  Will have to make some enquiries when the time comes and think I might enrol for the “Look Good, Feel Better” session that the Cancer Society runs.

Today I had my second lot of chemo starting with taking 23 tablets of various drugs this morning at home and then going to North Shore Hospital early afternoon to get the other chemo drug by injection.

More ……  now evening.  What I thought would only be a half hour or so stay at the hospital turned into a 4-1/4 hr stint.  They had forgotten to tell me that I would also be getting an intravenous infusion of a bone-strengthening drug as well.  So had to drive home in the rush-hour traffic and didn’t get back until 6.15.  Will insist they pre-warn me next time so that I can request an earlier appointment.

Feeling a bit jaded and tired now (it’s not even 7.30!!) – so off to bed but hope I can sleep, if not I’ve got the radio, iPod, TV and a good book to keep me company through the night and in between the odd snooze.  Poor hubby will be relegated to the spare room again.

Goodnight all.

JAI 84

This week’s challenge on Just Add Ink was to use white plus only one other colour.

As I had some lovely new toys to IMG_1955play with naturally had to use these.  Bet you can pick them out!  

This is what I came up with – something blue (actually Baja Breeze) and white and lacy.

Hope you like it.

Thanks a Million

I have always loved Kristina Werner’s style and even now she is no longer using Stampin’ Up! products exclusively find her designs very adaptible to the SU range of products.  I was therefore excited to purchase her Summer Card Camp 2011 tutorial  put together in conjunction with Jennifer McGuire but what with one thing and another, have only just worked my way through Week 1.Below are the colours that were to be used this week:



On my computer the first colour looked more like our Perfect Plum as it had more of a purple hue but looking at it here it is more like Rich Razzleberry so there was my first mistake.

Found it extremely difficult and out of my comfort zone trying to juggle all these colours though of course, it might have been easier if I had used the Rich Razzleberry!  Anyway, this is the first card I came up with:




Mmm – what do you think?  Maybe I’ve sort of got the colours but think I will do another one later using some of the other styles and tips that are in the tutorial.  Then I’ll give Week  2 a go.


A result at last!!

Finally after the biopsy last Thursday on my spine I have a result.  The cancer is the plasmacytoma that was also on the rib they removed before Christmas.  I am to start chemotherapy straight away and my first appointment is on Wednesday over at North Shore Hospital – a real pain to get to.  At this stage I don’t know the full details of the treatment regime but guess I’ll know all about it on Wednesday and what the schedule will be and over what period of time.

Still doesn’t answer the question of my rising CA125 levels for the fallopian/ovarian cancer which are sky-high now but they can’t seem to find out exactly where the cancer has returned.  Guess though even if they do they can’t treat it at the same time as I am being treated for the plasmacytoma – different drugs and treatment for the different cancers.

Anyway thought I would let you all know.  How do I feel about this and having to go through more chemo?  I can sum it up in one word “resigned”.  I knew there would be more treatments along the line and this is probably only the first of them.  At least now they are doing something I guess and at least this time I don’t have to endure another operation.  Just hope I get to keep my hair as I have just paid out to have it coloured!!!

One good thing happening this week to take my mind off things – my Stampin’ Up order should be arriving any day with all my new goodies.  Hope I will be feeling okay to play with them.

Enjoy your week.

Thanks for popping in to catch up on what is happening in my life. I enjoy sharing my love of stamping and cardmaking and invite you to have a look at the projects I have made. You are welcome to take my ideas and use them in your own creations.
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