Forgot the health update (cos I try to ignore it!!)

Went back to Oncology outpatients earlier in the month to get the results of the latest scan. My blood CA125 levels still rising.  They have found a what looks like a small tumour which has increased slightly in size since the December scan but it is too deep and partially hidden in the pelvic area for them to do a biopsy and they don't want to operate until they are more or less certain.  Paperwork is being put through now for me to have the PET scan in Australia (either Sydney or Melbourne) so they can get a clearer look. Also will be having to go for another ultra-scan on my thyroid and at the same time for a biopsy to be done on a lump they have found there!!  Goodness know how long I have to wait - it is now over 2 weeks since this was decided and I haven't heard any more since.

Have been trying not to think about it as I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!  Anyway lots of nice things have been happening which has kept me occupied and happy in the meantime.


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