SBS Wednesday Challenge #6

The challenge this week was to do a card with a lot of "bling" on it.IMG_0308

Now I'm not a bling-type girl normally and this challenge really challenged me. It has reinforced my opinion that unlike Janet and a lot of others who can create bling-type cards that look really good - I CAN'T. This card ended up nothing like what I would have liked - it is just so NOT me!

Anyway, for what it's worth - here it is and I certainly gave it all the bling I could!!

Think I'm tired - must be suffering from post-op and chemo fatigue as I couldn't even get a decent photo of it. This is despite my having a much needed sleep for 2 hours this afternoon! Oh well, at least it's only tiredness I'm going through at the moment as the pain is minimal thank goodness.

Boy, what a grouch I am tonight sad_smile


kareNstampZ said...

I feel the same way about bling as you GRRR - not enjoying this challenge & mine is for a girlfriend's birthday & she is a bling sort of girl - I'm waiting for my Kiddiglitz to dry to take photo

Deby said...

Great job, Judy! My husband always says, "(S)he who aims at nothing shall hit it every time!" In other words, if you don't try, you don't know what you can do! And you did great!!! Hope you're feeling better! I'm praying for your best day today!

Debby said...

You stepped out of your comfort zone. That's a good thing. We all learn new and diferent things when we do this. Perhaps this particular card doesn't suit you but in the future maybe you will stick that little bling somewhere on your art that will suit you. I think it's very cute. I hope you feel more rested today.

Janet said...

OH Judy...i hope you are feeling better! Thanks for playing...i know not everyone will like the challenges, i guess that is why they are challenges:) I love your card and i think its adorable!!
Lots of hugs:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card.
Hugs Vanja

Anne said...

I'm another reluctant blinger Judy :)

Your card looks pretty, but I see what you're saying about the photo.

I do hope you're feeling better and getting time to rest and time to craft.


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