Our little dog is home again

It's been a most worrying time. Our dear little dog Rosie suddenly took ill with what we now know was a gastric DCP_0401-Rosieinfection caused by bone fragments in her gut after she had chewed a bone. It all happened so quick and by the time we realised how ill she was and got her to the vets she was practically comatose. The vet said that she was starting to die. I couldn't believe it was happening. They quickly put her on a drip and antibiotics and she had to stay overnight but she rallied and has just come home this evening although she is very weak and needs constant supervision and nursing. I will be forever grateful for the care she was given without which I know she would not have survived.

When you get a dog (or cat) you don't realise at first how important a family member they can become. Rosie is our constant companion and sometimes seems to be more human than canine.

Anyway she is now home and hopefully with time will be back to her old self again soon.

I had hoped 2009 would be a better year but it certainly hasn't started that way. I also got a call from the hospital to say that they want to delay my ileostomy reversal operation because they want to do a scan after my final chemo session next week - probably in about 4 weeks time. Then it will be a few more weeks before they can operate. This is so they can check whether there is any sign of residual cancer - this is something I don't want to even think about!

Felt quite despondent about this although I know they are doing it for my own good but I had hoped that by the end of February all the chemo and operations etc. would be over and done with. Now its being put back again and I am beginning to feel that there never will be an end.

On a more positive note I am looking forward to Sunday when I am going with Karen and Joan to a 5 hour scrapbooking (and pizza!!) session. Should be fun though I never seem to take everything I need with me (mainly because I can't make up my mind in advance exactly what I am going to do).

Also last Tuesday we took our youngest grandson Tyler on a boat trip across to Waiheke Island to meet up with two friends (ex-workmates). We had a lovely day and here are a couple of photos.

IMG_0377 IMG_0383

Left: Neville (hubby) and Tyler braving the wind on the back of the ferry boat.

Right: Tyler with my friend Sarah walking off lunch at Onetangi Beach on Waiheke Island.

It was such a perfect day and I came home feeling invigorated as though I had just returned from holiday. Perhaps it felt like this as I haven't been anywhere very much for months.


KarenR said...

OMG you frightened me - the Feedblitz headline made me think dear Rosie had passed away - I'll be around tomorrow with my cat's biccies wink - that'll cheer her up

God bless you all

Anne said...

Oh you've not had a good start have you? I'm so glad your Rosie is doing better now, animals are here to break our hearts it seems sometimes.

And what a nuisance about your op delay...

Keep smiling :)

Lisa Green said...

God Bless you, keep strong. What a blessing about Rosie coming right.
I hope you keep you eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel, your Grandson must have made your spirirt shine on that outing, and you his.
Loving thoughts, Lisa.

Janet said...

so glad your dog is ok!! I hope you have lots of good news coming your way too!! will be thinking about ya!

Leslie said...

Thank you for the award! Your dog is so beautiful. Glad that he made it home to you. May the rest of your year be filled with joy and blessings.
Hugs, Leslie

Debby said...

Our furry friends are indeed not just pets but family. Mine too seem more human then canine most of the time. I think it is because of the love and affection that we give them. I am so glad Rosie is home and on the road to recovery. As far as your op delay it can only be for good. Light at the end of the tunnel my dear. Wish you joy and blessings for the coming days.

Susie said...

what a cute little dog!!!

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