Reunion treats

Just finished making these sweet boxes using Jenn Balcer’s 2-5-7-10 box tutorial. So easy to make but when decorated, look gorgeous.


Thought these would be nice to take along on Friday to a work reunion with a few former employees (company now relocated to Australia). I will fill them with nuts and chocolates.  Should be a fun luncheon catching up with everyone.

Last week I spent in New Plymouth – well Stratford, actually.  Flew down there to spend a few days with my cousin but it rained and blew constantly, with the result that we spent most of the time by a roaring fire doing crossword puzzles, reading and playing Scrabble!  No, my cousin is not into crafts – so I had an enforced break from all things paper and ink!  IMG_0833

Now, I am not a ‘cat person’ – as you all know I am more partial to dogs, well one dog actually – but the funny thing is that my cousin’s cat ignored that fact and purred and cuddled up to me the whole time I was there.

We did manage during a break in the rain to go for a walk in the local park.  They had some huge rhododendrons out in flower that looked so gorgeous – the colours were really striking, but of course, I had left my camera behind so no photos.  Attempted to take one with my cellphone but must have pushed the wrong buttons or something, as I ended up with a funny little film that is so miniscule in size you can’t see it.  Regardless of the weather it was really nice to spend time with her.


Debby said...

Cats seem to love those the most that love them the least. Funny little creatures. Your treat boxes are extremely cute!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous Judy!! I bet everyone loved their little treat box that you made. It sounds like a fun afternoon.

Anne said...

What fabulous boxes! And yes, like you I'm a dog person but cats seem to love me LOL!

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