Is it … shabby, chic or vintage?

I have just finished my two layouts from last Saturday/Sunday classes with Delys Cram.  Have decided that this style does not come easily to me.  I think I am more of the balanced and precise school of scrapbooking (think this comes through in my cards as well).  I love seeing layouts and cards like this but when it comes time for me to use this style something in me says no, you can’t do that it is scruffy and undisciplined!  Perhaps I just need more practice and as teenagers would say - ‘loosen up’.  What do you think?

IMG_1328   IMG_1327

PS:  On the health front – went to Oncology on Wednesday and they have now set up an appointment for me on the 6th July to fly down to Wellington for a PET/CT scan.  Really not looking forward to this as I know what is involved having had one previously when they sent me to Melbourne.  Hoped I wouldn’t have to do this again!  Depending on what they find they will then give me options as to what they can or can’t do.  Surgery is the main option at the moment (this would be the 7th op in as many years) but I am not making any decisions on this as I need to know what sort of surgery.  I am very, very reluctant to have a repeat of the last op, particularly if it involves having to have another ileostomy bag.  Don’t think I could handle that again.

Anyway, I’d better not jump the gun – just wait and see what eventuates after this scan.  You would think it would get easier each time, but I find it is harder to accept and deal with.

Anyway, still lots to look forward to – Regional Seminar on the 10th July so hope to see some of you there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,
I love your layouts. I also have trouble sometimes with that style, but love the finished product.
Helen McEwen

Karen Rogers said...

love the shabby pink one - looks great - just got to get that water flowing

Debbie Lamb said...

Wow Judy - these look fabulous!! I must make a date to finish mine, seeing yours has really inspired me.

Ria said...

Wow Judy, yours looks great! I haven't finished my layout yet, but have promised my scrapbooking class that we will do this one in the August class so I'd better pull finger! Good luck for your appointment on the 6th. I hope it goes well for you. Just think of training on the 10th - it's going to be so much fun!! Are you doing swaps?

Julia said...

oh you are good getting your scrap page done! I haven't even started mine yet! lol
Will be thinking of you on the 6th too - and looking forward to seeing you on the 10th at Regionals too!!

Paula said...

WOW!! Your pages have turned out beautifully Judy! I am guilty of not finishing mine yet! Now I have seen yours I might just get that down this weekend. Well done YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy - I think I'm with you, I didn't find that style too easy either. Clean and simple, that's me! Your pages look beautiful though. All the best for Tuesday - we're thinking of you, and praying for the best. Can't wait to see you on Saturday - something great to look forward to, eh? Big hugs. Bron

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