Holiday Bliss

Well we had an absolutely wonderful week at the beach with our very good friends Anne & Pete.  Have posted some photos on my Facebook page but just in case you are one of the few (hee hee!!) who doesn’t do FB then here they are for you to look at – isn’t it a gorgeous place – we were right on the beach, just had to walk across the lawn and then, bliss!

IMG_1679 IMG_1632 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1639 IMG_1646 IMG_1647 IMG_1650 IMG_1651 IMG_1660

All the views are taken from the house we were staying in.  Do you like my empty G&T glass?  Also that’s our dog Rosie soaking up the sun and the view.

Oh well, back to reality now.  And this was just so close to the truth as the day after we came home that terrible earthquake struck Christchurch so have been rather tearful watching it all on the news.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who have lost family, friends and homes and also to the rest of you who must have nerves frayed close to breaking point.  There is a spare room here with two beds if any of you need a break from the horror and continuing aftershocks.  I believe Air New Zealand are offering cheap fares to Auckland.


Anonymous said...

So pleased you had a great week away, Judy. What a gorgeous spot!

Debbie Lamb said...

It looks an ideal spot for your break away Judy x

Sally W said...

Looks like you had a fabulous holiday Judy and what a lovely way to spend your holiday

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