Best news … ever!!!

For those of you who are not on Facebook thought you might like to see this post I have just put up there.  So so chuffed that I have to share it with everyone.

BEST NEWS EVER!!  Have to share with you.  As you know I am currently 'waging a war' with two unrelated cancers - Fallopian/Ovarian and Myeloma.  At present having chemo for the myeloma in my spine and ribs.  At the same time my CA125 (cancer marker) for the Fallopian/Ovarian cancer had at last count shot up to over 1400 (normal level should be under 30) so as you can imagine I was really scared at what I would be told at my oncology check up today.  Such wonderful and unexpected news - my CA125 has taken a huge drop - now down to 75.  Doctors are amazed as they didn't think my current chemo treatment would have any effect on this cancer.  I am just hoping it continues to drop down to below 30 so that I will be in remission.  Then maybe the other cancer will follow suit.  Think it's all the fantastic support and encouragement I get from friends and family - THANKS EVERYONE.



Helen Williams said...

Fantastic news Judy.

Anne said...

woo hoo! So glad to hear this, keep fighting gal

Anonymous said...

Oh Judy that is fantastic news I am so glad for you hugs

Karen said...

Wonderful news Judy

bronheslop said...

Oh Judy! So glad to read this post tonight. Nigel and I pray for you every night, so glad our prayers are being answered! Continue to get well, gorgeous chick! Big hugs, hope to see you soon. Bron xxoo

Paula said...

So glad to hear your fabulous news Judy. May it continue!!

Rachael Knight said...

Judy that is just the best news! We should plan your "below 30" party!!
Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog about my diary. I'm actually not organised - I just realised that the diary would be easy to decorate and I love it when things are easy!

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