Moving on …

Our good friends and neighbours, Joan and David are moving to a retirement village at Mt Maunganui at the end of the month.

They will be missed not only by my husband and I, but by the community as David particularly, has been actively involved in community affairs and has achieved a lot of milestones for all of us.  I personally will miss Joan, another ardent scrapbooker and cardmaker.  Joan also has stood by me through all my cancer ups and downs and I am extremely grateful for her help and support.

Today they are having a farewell luncheon and this is the card I made for them.

Based on a card by www.mercedes


I can’t take all the credit for this card as I have based it on a card made by Mercedes Weber

I wish them a happy retirement and sand-in-their-toes as they enjoy their walks along a sunny beach.


Lynda said...

(2nd attempt as blogger ate my last comment!!!)
Beautiful card Judy. Love the collage effect. I am so sorry to hear you have close friends moving away...esp a crafty cohort. Sending love, hugs and comfort. ooxx

Sally W said...

Such a beautiful card Judy, I am sure Joan loved it, as we did when we saw it this afternoon

Barbara Gaskell said...

It's a shame your friends are moving away but who wouldn't love to receive a card like that, it's beautiful Judy.x

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