The slow road to ...?

25 May: Well that's what it feels like - a road that goes on and on without an end in sight. It is nearly eight months now since I was diagnosed as having a recurrence of my ovarian cancer, eight months of tests, hospital check-ups and delays.

Seven weeks ago my Oncology doctor said she was putting through the paperwork for me to have the (as previously mentioned over the months) PET scan as it was now a priority to determine whether this is an isolated, operable tumour or whether there are recurrences in more than one place. I was then told it would be put before the Variance Committee (to obtain the funding) on the 18th April. When I heard zilch I rang around and spoke, I think, to the entire hospital staff, all of whom knew nothing before getting someone who told me that the meeting had been postponed until the 22nd May!! How on earth can these types of decisions be deferred for a whole month?

Went back last Wednesday the 21st for a routine check-up. Firstly I was informed that the results of the thyroid biopsy I had done a month ago had not come through! More delays and incompetence. I have now finally got these results courtesy of my GP's nurse who chased the results up and thankfully this biopsy was clear. It was also confirmed to me that my Oncology doctor was presenting my case to the board the next day, the 22nd as originally planned. I requested they immediately phone me to let me know the outcome otherwise I would have to seriously consider travelling to Melbourne and paying for the scan myself. I waited in at home all day Thursday and Friday for THE phone call which naturally did not come.

Would love to know who to complain to but don't know who these people are that make the decisions. I'm beginning to think these shadowy figures are just a figment of someone's imagination.

Anyway, thanks for being a sounding board to those of you that have managed to read it thus far. I needed to get this off my chest as I am so, so very down about it all at the moment, not to mention frustrated and worried.

Maybe I'm being used as an experiment to see how far they can push you before you crack - well you never know do you 'cos I have watched programs like The X-Files!!!

Updated 28 May: Well some news at last - I have been given the authority by the Variance Committee to go and have the PET scan. Now have to wait and see when! One step forward ....


Trudi said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time with delays and things, the health system can be soo frustrating at times!!. Good to hear you've got the go ahead for the scan - hopefully it's sooner rather than later and that the results are good. Keep us updated and take care.

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