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I don't think I'm really cut out to be a good blogger! I keep forgetting to post which caused me to think back to my youth (and that was a long time back!) and how utterly useless I was at keeping a diary. Each year my Aunt in England sent me a schoolgirls diary which I anticipated receiving with excitement and every good intention that this year, I would diligently keep it up to date. These were lovely diaries full of all sorts of information and advice for 'genteel' young ladies as they grew up - perhaps my problem was that I didn't exactly fit the criteria of 'genteel'. Anyway the first few pages would be painstakingly written in, then the entries would become less and less until the last 6-8 months of the diary would be completely empty! I think this bad habit is being repeated in my blogging.image

Anyway on to more interesting things ...

I recently borrowed Karen's lovely Time Well Spent stamp set as we had made a lovely card at her home using this set. I have stolen her photo of the card (I'm sure she won't mind as I am not claiming it as my own creation). This is her card as I don't think mine came out looking quite so nice.

While I had this set here at home, I made three different cards with it - two of the cards were partly cased and the third was an original!

IMG_0006-1IMG_0014-1 IMG_0012-1

If I want to use this set again I'll have to borrow it from Karen as I don't think I'll ever be eligible for a Hostess 3 gift!

Last week at Jacque's class we did a 12x12 scrapbook page - see her blog - www.stamphappy.blogspot.com

I really enjoyed getting another perspective on doing scrapbook pages using stamps and d/s cardstock. Thanks Jacque.

Last Thursday I had my biopsy & ultra scan on the thyroid. Initial comments at the time indicated that the lump was not cancerous but I'm waiting to have this confirmed when the full lab results come through. I'm still waiting to find out about the PET scan and can't believe how long this is all taking.


kareNstampZ said...

This is the most amazing stamp set & I love hay you've done with the layouts - all so different but WOW!

kareNstampZ said...

oops fat fingers think I was trying to say I love what you've done with the layouts etc etc

Thanks for popping in to catch up on what is happening in my life. I enjoy sharing my love of stamping and cardmaking and invite you to have a look at the projects I have made. You are welcome to take my ideas and use them in your own creations.
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