Milestone for Kim

It was my youngest daughter Kim's birthday last Wednesday. It was one of those milestone birthdays but I am not allowed to reveal how old she is, mainly because it makes me feel too old and also she'd never speak to me again!!

IMG_0142Kim's big passion in life (not sure whether that's before or after her husband and two sons) is horses, so naturally I just had to make her this card I saw on SCS.

Not too sure about my ribbon tying though - still have not got this perfected as yet though I am getting better.

The family all came here for dinner - two daughters, two son-in-laws and four grandsons, the eldest three who would eat you out of house and home if they were given the chance!!

Had a lovely evening and hubby lasted out well for his first social gathering since his op. Mind you he was quite tuckered out at the end and glad to take to his bed. He had a quiet day the next day to recover.

Kim had a night out with friends on the Friday to culminate her celebrations. Happy Birthday Kimmy - and many, many more.


KarenR said...

Joan would be very proud of you - great horse - I'm sure Kim loved it too

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