Look .... my new blog layout

What do you all think? I am still fine tuning it and are having one or two slight problems, but on the whole love the graphics of this layout.

Would love to get your feedback.


Lisa Green said...

Flaming Stunning. I'm Jealous Dangit! I don't know how to do all these flashy-internet-changing-blog-blinging things, but I'm happy for you, very modern, fresh and beautiful.
Kindest Regards, Lisa Green.

kareNstampZ said...

I'm jealous too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

This is gorgeous! The Ulysses butterfly is my absolute favourite and you've got one there.

Melinda said...

WOW! Where did you get that amzing butterfly thingy - Am all too new to this blog thing - just getting one sorted myself and would love to find out where to find something like that!!!

Debby said...

Oh it's pretty! I really like it. Very pleasing to the eyeballs.

Deby said...

Very nice layout - and so different! I love it!

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