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Well this is to bring you up to date with what I have been making lately.  As you can see I have been spending quite a bit of time 'playing' over the last week or so.  Bliss!!

IMG_0520           IMG_0523

 IMG_0524           IMG_0528

These are all birthday cards - May/June are busy birthday months for me.  Also as I am going away for 3 weeks, had to do a lot in advance.

I also had fun making some boxed sets of cards - I originally did these at one of Karen's classes but as I didn't have the same stamp set I substituted but think that they look quite good still.  The first picture is of the two boxes and the next two pictures show the four cards inside (4 cards to each box).  The fourth picture is a boxed set of eight thank you cards that I have made for my niece in Brisbane who is having her 21st birthday while we are over there and I thought it would be nice for her to be able to send these out to special friends and family afterwards.

 IMG_0533       IMG_0534      IMG_0536 IMG_0530

So you see, I have been busy.  I am going on Wednesday to an Oncology check-up so will let you all know how I get on. I'm hopeful of getting a clean bill of health!!


Keryn Campbell said...

All your cards and boxes are beautiful. I must find a plate stand to put my cards on. I liked how they looked in your photos. Good Luck on Wednesday.

kareNstampZ said...

Judy they're great & I love your boxed set too, think I just love Baja Breeze - good luck for the hospital visit - hopefully the last!

Janet said...

wow you have been busy! your boxed set is great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Judy! You've been very busy! I love your cards and boxed set.
Hugs, Vanja

Deby said...

Dittos to all of your other comments! You've been busy, your creations are beautiful, and I too am praying for this to be your last hospital visit!!!

Anne said...

What a pretty bunch of cards, you have been having fun!

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