Good news

Went to the hospital for my oncology check-up.  Everything is still looking fine and my CA125 levels are sitting within the normal range though I would still like to see them lower than they are but my latest op apparently may be the reason why they haven't come down any more from my last visit.  Never mind, it's all good.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and I only wish your hopes that this would be my last visit could be true but the reality is that I am still considered to be high risk for a recurrence, particularly more so since I have now had one recurrence although that was four years after the original cancer.  Fallopian and Ovarian cancers are a chronic disease that can come back at any time but naturally I am hoping that it will never come back again.

This means that I will probably end up going for regular checks probably for the rest of my life - two to three monthly for the first 2-3 years then six monthly but at least I know I am being regularly monitored.

All that aside I am fine right now, actually feeling the best I have felt for a long time and ... I'm off on holiday early Friday morning to Brisbane for three weeks.  It's funny though, I feel a bit nervous about being away from home for such a long period.  Guess when you've been laid up for a long period of time you get a sense of security being in your own home but guess this will pass once we are on our way and I know that the three weeks will probably just fly by.

I'll post once we get home and will bore you all with photos and commentary on our travels.

In the meantime all take care and happy crafting.


Leslie said...

Judy, so glad to hear your numbers and your health are doing better. Your positive outlook and all the prayers that your friends, far and near, say for you have had such a remarkable impact on your health. So glad to know that you are going away to enjoy yourself. I know about the anxiety of leaving, but you deserve to get out and have a great time. Hugs, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! Have a great time on your trip.!You're right, three weeks sound like a long period, but time flies, especially when you have a good time! :)
Hugs, Vanja

Anne said...

Yay!!!! Doing the happy dance for you here :)))

Have a wonderful trip


kareNstampZ said...

fantastic news Judy - have a great trip - must be warmer than here!

Debby said...

Wonderful news Judy! Your cards are fabulous, from your previous post, I always enjoy your style. 3 weeks will be gone before you know and you will wish you were back on the trip. Have a wonderful time!

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