Santa Bob – Xmas 2009

Hope you all had as wonderful a Xmas Day as I did.  We spent the day at my daughter’s with my other daughter and her family and my sister and brother-in-law. Nine adults (includes my husband’s intellectually disabled brother) and our four grandsons.

IMG_0966 This is Tyler – our Santa for the day.  One of his nicknames is Bob (when he was little he was always pretending to be Bob the Builder – his other nickname is TJ – pronounced ‘Tij) – hence he was called Santa Bob.  He took the job very seriously!  He’s such a sweetie – insisted on handing out everyone else’s presents before opening any of his own.

After a lovely Christmas roast lunch/dinner, bubbly and crackers, we all relaxed and opened our presents.

IMG_0970    IMG_0969

 IMG_0973    IMG_0976

As it was such a beautiful hot sunny day everyone headed for the swimming pool or deck as you will see from these photos.  Sorry to rub this in to those of you that were shivering in the cold and/or wet.

IMG_0987   IMG_0983 IMG_0980   IMG_0994 IMG_0993   IMG_0997  

I’m sure you will all agree that it was the perfect Xmas day.  (And I got some real neat pressies too!!)  Christmas wishes to all.


KarenR said...

looks absolutely fabulous - what a great place for a large gathering

Debby said...

Looks like fun! Yes we are cold here :-(

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