Funny how things work out …

I had a workshop organised at my house at 11am today for a couple of people. Here’s the timeline:

8 am – Only one attending now

8.30 am – Remaining prospect rings and cancels due to circumstances beyond her control.  Oh well, nice quiet day for me.

10:10 am – Phone rings – is it too late to accept invitation for workshop.  Goodness no, says I but it will be just you at the workshop.  No, says the caller, I would like to bring 2 friends.

Panic stations – rush around re-preparing and laying out.

11 am – My 3 guests arrive.  Thanks Alicia, Reannon and Laura for making this such an enjoyable workshop.  I loved your enthusiasm and originality.

No sales on the day, but do have one workshop booking so looking forward to that.

Now I just hope tomorrow is full of pleasant surprises for me too.  I have an oncology appointment at Greenlane Hospital.  On my last visit I was told my tumour marker levels had doubled so have since had to have another scan and will get the results tomorrow.  They were talking about more chemo, etc. but hopefully a miracle has happened and my levels have decreased instead of increased – will let you know.


Karen Rogers said...

Hope tomorrow goes well - am I seeing things? You out of bed at 8am!!

Debbie Lamb said...

Loved your timeline. I'm sure the ladies thorougly enjoyed themselves today.
I hope you have some positive news tomorrow too Judy! I'll be thinking of you :)

Sally W said...

All the best for today Judy, I will be thinking of you,
So glad your class went well and you enjoyed it.

Paula said...

Amazing things happen at workshops that come out of the blue! Good on you for getting a booking.

Best wishes and lots of prayers from me for your Oncology visit Judy. Hope it goes well.

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