Mother’s Day 2010

Went to Nicky & Paul’s for my Mother’s Day dinner which was cooked by Sam (16).  He is a real fan of Jamie Oliver and used his recipes for this dinner.  Just lookee at this gorgeous Guinness & Hotpot Pie that we had for our main course.

Photo_050910_002       Photo_050910_001

That’s Sam’s back!  And that’s hubby getting tucked in – it was really tasty and one of the nicest meals I’ve had in a long time!  This was followed by a Fruit Crumble – IMG_1182also made by Sam.

Nicky & Tyler (10) made me cards and they picked me this lovely bunch of flowers from their garden.  In the blue envelope is  ….  Aussie dollars for me to spend in Sydney – yahoo!!


IMG_1184    IMG_1185 Close-ups of the 2 cards – Tyler’s says “Happy Birthday Nan” and inside are portraits of each person in our family!  Didn’t Nicky do well – says she’s not good at making cards – ha ha!!  She’s a natural and as you can see I have been converting her to SU products.

Hope you all had as a nice a Mother’s Day as me.


Karen Rogers said...

wow the food looks amazing & the cards aren't half bad either - glad it was a great day

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