And the waiting goes on ….

and on, and on!!  In case you are all wondering ‘what on earth is she going on about’ I am talking about my life with cancer.  I haven’t mentioned it up here since I went to see the Thyroid clinic where I learned that I not only have the fallopian (ovarian) cancer but they now suspect I have thyroid cancer as well.  They are basing this on the results of the PET scan I had in Wellington a few weeks ago which showed lesions on both the thyroid and the rib.  I won’t go into all the details but I had another scan last week, I’ve got a blood test this week then an Oncology appointment next week.  In the meantime I am waiting for an appointment to see the thyroid surgeon.  This doesn’t solve the problem of where in the abdominal region the ovarian cancer has returned as my CA125 levels 3 weeks ago were nearly 200.

I cannot believe that I can be so unlucky as to have two different types of cancer at once.  Keep hoping it’s all one big mistake.

Anyway I am keeping busy making cards, reading books – in fact, anything that keeps my mind occupied and not thinking about “the other”.



First off is a card I made for my daughter to give friends of hers who have just had a wee little baby girl.  I have kept it very pink and feminine.





I made this using the round stamp from the Just Believe set.  The colours are Marina Mist and Cajun Craze – first time I have used these new colours but they go beautifully together.

Love my embossing folders too – you will be seeing a lot more of these in the future.



I just made this one today for one of my blogging sisters in England who sadly has just lost her father.

Don’t like making sympathy cards – I am never quite sure whether what I am making is appropriate and of course, would much rather be making for a happier occasion.


Hope this weather improves soon, it is so depressing!   Happy stamping all and take care.


Anonymous said...

Judy, my heart goes out to you, babe. HUGE hugs - our thoughts and prayers will be for you beating this. And in the midst of your anguish, you create such beautiful cards - I love all of those! (Hope you don't mind if I CASE them!) I look forward to seeing you soon. Bron xx

Debi said...

Judy I'm so sad to hear your news, and can only offer you my thoughts- and say like Bron, that Wow in the middle of all that you are still creating these gorgeous cards I especially like the baby pink one. Debi x

Karen Rogers said...

I think your positive attitude with life & the big C is why you're doing so fabulously well - love them all but especially the wee baby one - so cute

Debbie Lamb said...

Positive thoughts and hugs are with you Judy. Your cards are amazing!! I especially love the baby one too. Looking forward to catching up on Friday night :)

Sally W said...

Judy always thinking of you, you make such beautiful cards you are so talented,keep postiive.Big hugs from me

Anonymous said...

Judy- My thoughts and prayers are with you during this fight. I had breast cancer and had both of my breasts removed in March. I am still going through the recontruction of my chest wall. I too know the feelings you are experiencing but keep your chin up and continue to be positive and all will be ok. I promise. Cancer is an ugly monster! You will beat this! And I love your cards you have made. I am just now getting back into some stamping as I have been so depressed for months and just didn't have the urge...

Anonymous said... have such a positive will beat this and we are all here for you along the way. Much love and hugs Judy!

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