Our WOW team

It was a week ago that we had our team training at Karen’s house and I should have shown you these gorgeous swap cards immediately after, but they are well worth waiting for.

From our team leader, Karen:                          Sally’s card:

IMG_1440              IMG_1439

Debbie’s card:                                                 Sarah’s card:

IMG_1441              IMG_1442

Lesley’s gorgeous box:


Aren’t they fabulous?  I think this must be the ‘bestest’ SU team (oh boy, I’m going to get a bit of flak over this remark!!)

In case you have been wondering

As I haven’t updated you since the end of July when I found out that the PET scan showed two areas of concern – one in the thyroid and one in a rib bone, thought I should let you know where I am at.  Well actually, nowhere different really.  I had my ultra sound on my thyroid and have an appointment (at Greenlane Hospital) on Wednesday with the Thyroid Clinic so am wondering what they are going to say.  I have had my biopsy on the rib but this was a disaster. Despite trying for nearly 2 hours they couldn’t get the needle into the bone to take a specimen, so all the pain and discomfort was for nothing.  Also I will never believe them again when they say they are going to give me something that will make me sleepy and relaxed – I have never felt so wide awake and alert in my life!!

On my most recent visit to Oncology they now want another scan (next Monday at North Shore Hospital) and the report from the Thyroid Clinic before deciding what to do.  They have suggested that they may operate and remove the rib bone if I am agreeable – am I? – not sure that I want another operation but then I want to stay alive a bit longer so I guess no contest.  This would be followed up by either radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

Went to Auckland Hospital last week to have my portacath checked and have to go back there on the 23rd and then to Greenlane Oncology clinic on the 29th.

As you can see from the above, think I intimately know all the hospitals now.

Will report back after the 29th.  They have to make a decision soon as my CA125 levels are rising more rapidly – they went up from 136 to 198 in 4 weeks (should be under 20).

Thanks to my WOW paperKrafters team and all my family and friends for their understanding and ongoing support.  The above is the reason why I have decided to stop doing my classes and workshops – found it really hard to concentrate on organising with all this going round in my head also my energy levels are really low.


Debbie Lamb said...

You're often in my thoughts and I'm hoping you'll have some good news soon. Try and stay positive x

Julia said...

thinking of you Judy

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