Just to confuse you

Another health update … what a confusing week it has been.  Firstly they line me up with three appointments for my thyroid operation (total thyroidectomy) – 23 Nov my pre-op appointment, 26 Nov an appointment with the voice clinic and 29 Nov for the actual operation.

That was on Tuesday, then on Friday the doctor from Oncology rang to say that they had been having meetings reviewing my case which they describe as ‘complex’ and have now decided that perhaps they should be operating on the rib first, not the thyroid.  Note:  Just to refresh everyone’s memory, they found that I have two areas where there are lesions, the thyroid and one of my ribs.  At first they thought the rib lesion had metastasised from the thyroid but now from what I can gather, think that perhaps it is from my ovarian cancer.

They have set up an urgent appointment for me tomorrow morning to see a cardiothoracic surgeon at Auckland Hospital to discuss with me.  They admitted they are confused as to what is going on with me – geez if they are confused what do they think I am!!!

As soon as I know more I will report back.



Also last week we went down country to my daughters and stayed Wednesday night so that we could go to my grandson Michael’s senior prizegiving.  He achieved a certificate for Outstanding Effort AND  ….  First place for Automotive Engineering.

Way to go Mikey!!  (Also thanks for grudgingly letting me take your photo).


Julia said...

Oh I can see how confused you must be! we are ALL thinking about you at this time - big (((HUGS))) to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you too Judy. Hope it all goes well and they get the lesions sorted.

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