A long while back I started a scrapbook for my youngest daughter Kim and put several pages in it.  Thought I had better do her some more pages and this is the first one I have made of her favourite horses.


This is a photo of Kim with Wolf – his name definitely does not reflect his gentle loving nature.  He is now a ‘senior’ horse and Kim let him go to the Ambury Riding School for the Disabled where he is much loved and spoilt by the children who ride there.
A lovely ending to a horses life I think.



Leslie@gmail said...

Hi friend. Haven't stopped by lately, I haven't been online much either. I wanted to stop by and see how you are feeling. Its crazy how many people we know that are suffering with cancer right now. Please know your details are not boring to those of us that love you. I will be waiting to see what the news from the 3rd surgeon and oncologist is. And, on a crafting note, I love your horse pictures!! I love horses, but do not own any. And, I am so sorry for your puppy. I had to make those decisions with one of my dogs a few years ago, it is heart breaking. My love and prayers go with you, Leslie

Debbie Lamb said...

These layouts are absolutely stunning Judy! I'm not really a horse person, but with these photo's it makes me want to be. I bet Kim is rapt with what you have done. Thinking of you xx

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