What’s your style?

I seem to be finding it very hard to decide on a style of card that is ‘me’!  Here are two very different styles.




This is what I would term as a standard layout card where I have put a mat of DSP over the main card and run it through my Big Shot folder then matted the stamped image over another layer of card and tied a ribbon around it.





This one however I cased from Kristina Werner and for want of a better description, would call it ‘layered or grouped simplicity’.  This is a tall, narrow card kept fairly simple with the two strips of DSP but then has added to it a layered group of objects.  Can you give it a better description?

Actually I made this card for my daughter Nicky’s birthday which was yesterday.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to give it to her until today as I had a relapse of the cough and cold I had only a week or so ago, and didn’t dare venture out last night in that freezing cold to go out to dinner with her and the family.

Hope you have a real happy year ahead Nicky.


No. 1 on my medical schedule was completed today.  Nicky kindly took me into Auckland Hospital where I had a scan once they managed to find a vein to inject the contrast die.  We then had lunch – real welcome after not being able to eat and drink since early morning and my fearless Stampin’ Up leader Karen joined us for coffee in her lunch break.  Karen runs the Microbiology lab at the hospital.

Then dropped some more cards off at Oncology for the ‘Cards for Cancer’ basket that was already doing its rounds of patients in Oncology day stay.  Must give my grateful thanks here to all those Stampin’ Up demos who have so generously contributed cards to the cause.  I have also received several packets of cards from the demos in Australia which I think is fantastic.  Thanks so much everyone and the feedback I have had is that the patients are getting a lot of enjoyment from these.

Then went and had my bloods done and my portacath flushed at the Acute Oncology department – then finally home!  Was really tired by then but now no more appointments until next week.  As my daughter said jokingly, “gee don’t you have an exciting life!”.

I definitely don’t enjoy this cold weather and seem to spend all my time going around turning on all the heating in the house, only to have hubby going around behind me turning it off!!  Why can’t he feel the cold like me.  Oh well, I have got the electric blankets on warming the bed so might just go and snuggle down with a good book.

Hope you have a chance to get your fingers inky this week.


Debbie Lamb said...

Both of these cards are great Judy! I'm sure Nicky would understand you not wanting to go out in the cold. I wore my dressing gown over my clothes the other day, to stay warm. And, had all the heaters on too. It was bitterly cold! Thanks for your medical update. Lots of hugs and thoughts are with you xx

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