Pearls, pearls and more pearls

Firstly let me wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas.  I really enjoyed mine and it was a lovely family day.

Now on to the topic of pearls … you can see by these two cards I have just made that I am currently using a lot of pearls to finish off my cards.  I really must start using some of my other embellishments and give the pearls a well-deserved rest!

Anyway here are the latest creations – both fairly simple as my brain doesn’t seem to do elaborate or fussy these days.

IMG_2039 IMG_2038

Hope this rotten weather isn’t spoiling all your holiday plans.  I certainly don’t envy all those campers trying to keep dry as well as coping with kids being cooped up in a caravan or tent.

Have fun.


Better Scrapbooking Ltd said...

What lovely cards Judy. They look stunning. Thank you for sharing them with us. I too love pearls and bling, I like using them on flowers and putting them into swirls.

Paula Reid said...

Just shown this post to my husband and he says your cards rock! Love the one using the Flower Garden EF.

Debbie Lamb said...

These are both lovely Judy. Simple and elegant.

Thanks for popping in to catch up on what is happening in my life. I enjoy sharing my love of stamping and cardmaking and invite you to have a look at the projects I have made. You are welcome to take my ideas and use them in your own creations.
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