Up in the Air

Yes, I was “up in the air” when a dear friend gave me this lovely Hostess stamp set.  So cute!

I made two cards using one of the stamps but wasn’t quite sure which I liked the best. What do you think?

IMG_2059    IMG_2057

Feeling a bit depressed at present.  Saw the haematology specialist yesterday after spending about 3 hours having an infusion of a bone strengthening drug.  Looks like the chemotherapy treatments are going to go on and on indefinitely and the thought of spending the rest of my life dealing with these treatments and their side effects is depressing.  Can’t seem to get my head around this myeloma cancer.  Oh well, guess I shall just have to pick myself up and carry on and stop my complaining.

Must admit it has been nice to see some summer weather (at last!) although it has been raining today but seems to be clearing up now so hopefully will be nice for the long weekend.

Have a nice one.


Lynda said...

So v v sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations Judy. Life certainly can be 'sucky" sometimes!!! If I had to say...I think I like the one with the pleated ribbon best. More my style I guess. Having said that, bot cards are beautiful. Just Beautiful. ooxx

Nicole said...

You've been busy Judy! Good to try to take your mind off things. Focus on the positive (I know it's sometimes easier said, than done) and think of your cruise, which isn't too far away. You'll have some reprieve from the things then. These are both lovely cards but I think the one of the left is my favourite too. Bright and vibrant colours.

Debbie Lamb said...

Oopps, haha - I didn't realise Nicole was logged in, instead of me :)

Anne said...

Sorry to hear about the health problems and hope things improve soon Judy. I love your cards, that soft green is fab!

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