Holiday's over ... back to crafting

I'm back from my holiday in Queensland - wonderful time and great to catch up with family and friends.  Spent most of the time in Brisbane as well as 2 nights in Noosa and 9 nights in Hervey Bay.

IMG_0573Check out the two new friends I made when staying with Gloria & Don in Hervey Bay - their two dogs, Sam and Buffy.  Talk about opposites!! But they are gorgeous, aren't they.

Sam was rescued from the SPCA at Christmas as he was unwanted and would have been put down - who wouldn't want him - he's the most gentle dog I have ever seen - a real gentle giant - so I'm pleased to say that he now has a wonderful new home with Buffy.


Valems said...

Welcome back, Judy! These two are such adorable cuties! :)
Hugs, Vanja

Anne said...

We have a little and large too: a giant greyhound and a little terrier, again both of similar colour.

Glad you had a good holiday Judy, welcome home :)

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