Another wobbly!!

Yes, I was thrown another wobbly today when I attended my Oncology appointment.  They had the results of my CT scan that was done last week and to their amazement found a hole and tumour on my spine.  What I was expecting was to find out whether my rising CA125 levels were due to another tumour in my abdomen and if there was no sign of a tumour there, then they would conclude the only place it could be would be my thyroid which had previously shown up as a cancer ‘hot spot’.  They were not expecting to find something else.

Now their concern is whether this is a recurrence of the fallopian/ovarian cancer, or the plasmacytoma I had on my rib (removed in December) or if it is from a metastasised thyroid cancer.  Now more tests to determine what course of treatment they will follow as well as what department will need to handle this.  They sent me down immediately for bone x-rays and I had 20 x-rays in total.  Next will be an MRI scan then a bone biopsy (different from the bone marrow biopsy I had previously).

Must admit this time I’m scared – too many unusual things are happening to my body and if the doctors are confused … well I feel everything is spinning out of control.  Apparently the bone pains I have been getting and blaming on age and not being fit enough are as a result of this pressing on the nerves.  Once again my life is being turned upside down.

Thought I would tell you as some of you have been asking me to keep them updated but this wasn’t the news I wanted to relay.

If your health is good please take the time to enjoy being well.  When I was well I never really appreciated it and wish I could turn the clock back.


Debi said...

So Sorry Judy, to hear your latest news- not lot I can say- except- hugs from me- debi x

bronheslop said...

Oh Judy! That is indeed a wobbly! That's not what you wanted to hear. Like Debi, I'm sending you big hugs, babe, until I can give them to you in person. Will be praying that they work out how to treat this one, and fast - and in the meantime, will remember to be grateful for my own good health. Hang in there, you fabulous woman, and thank you for the updates - we care, be they good or not-so-good. Hope to see you on 27 Aug, for the SU! Big Day Out. Let us know if you need anything. xxooxxooxxoo

Ria said...

Sending you plenty of positive healing thoughts and vibes Judy. Whatever will be, will be

Helen Williams said...

Judy thats no good at all, Big HUGS from me to. I am keeping you in my prayers.

daffyscrapper said...

Oh Judy I am so sorry to hear that as if you havent been challenged enough already. Stay strong and have faith. Thinking of you

Paula said...

All my prayers are saved for YOU Judy! I hope I can give you a healing hug on the 27th too. You are in my thoughts ♥♥♥

delysc said...

Judy sorry to hear of your setback in your health. Think know can do it again. Will be thinking of you Judy!

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