Once again into the fray dear friends ……

After only just getting over last week’s hospital tests I received a telephone call today from the Haematology specialist asking me to rush and get some blood tests done in preparation for yet another biopsy they want done as the results from last week’s bone marrow biopsy were inconclusive as to which cancer was now in my spine.

Having a blood test is not as easy as with most people as the only way they can get blood out of me now is through my portacath and this means setting up a special appointment at the hospital.  Anyway I got this done this afternoon and had only been home an hour or so when I got another phone call from North Shore Hospital (this time the Radiology department) with the actual appointment to have this spinal bone marrow biopsy which has to be done under CT scan guidance as it is a very delicate procedure.  They said that I would need a special blood test done  ….  what!!!  Told them I had just come back from having one done but they weren’t sure whether this test was included on the form.  Haven’t heard back from them yet, but hope I don’t have to go back and have it done again.

Anyway back to the biopsy – they are doing it on Thursday and I have to be there by 8 am … yes 8 am.  Will have to leave here before 6.45 am to get there – don’t they know I am supposed to be sick and need my rest!!!  I will be there about 4 hours apparently.

Well they sure know how to kill my ‘feel good’ feeling that I had got at the weekend after thoroughly enjoying my fun day out at the Stampin’ Up! outing on Saturday.  Great time and loved catching up with such wonderful people.

Have cards to post but these will have to wait until after Thursday.


Anne said...

Ugh. Poor you Judy, sending you lots of positive thoughts

Paula Reid said...

Judy - you will be in my toughts & prayers for Thursday

Anonymous said...

Oh Judy! It was so good to see you on Saturday - you're looking great! Sorry you have to continue the testing... let me know if you'd like a visitor on Thursday to make the time go a bit faster, I can come and sit with you. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you Judy. Glad I gave you a hug on Saturday. With Love to you Judy.

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