Chemo and wigs

Went yesterday and got my wig in readiness for losing my hair (they say usually within 2-3 weeks of starting treatment).  Today is the start of Week 2 but luckily my hair is still firmly on my head.  I have some hats also ready to go but the one thing that I’m not sure what to do about is the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes which really make your face look yuck!  Will have to make some enquiries when the time comes and think I might enrol for the “Look Good, Feel Better” session that the Cancer Society runs.

Today I had my second lot of chemo starting with taking 23 tablets of various drugs this morning at home and then going to North Shore Hospital early afternoon to get the other chemo drug by injection.

More ……  now evening.  What I thought would only be a half hour or so stay at the hospital turned into a 4-1/4 hr stint.  They had forgotten to tell me that I would also be getting an intravenous infusion of a bone-strengthening drug as well.  So had to drive home in the rush-hour traffic and didn’t get back until 6.15.  Will insist they pre-warn me next time so that I can request an earlier appointment.

Feeling a bit jaded and tired now (it’s not even 7.30!!) – so off to bed but hope I can sleep, if not I’ve got the radio, iPod, TV and a good book to keep me company through the night and in between the odd snooze.  Poor hubby will be relegated to the spare room again.

Goodnight all.


Kelly said...

good luck Judy - I hope this goes as well as these can

Sally W said...

Dear Judy thinking of you lots of hugs and kisses from

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