A result at last!!

Finally after the biopsy last Thursday on my spine I have a result.  The cancer is the plasmacytoma that was also on the rib they removed before Christmas.  I am to start chemotherapy straight away and my first appointment is on Wednesday over at North Shore Hospital – a real pain to get to.  At this stage I don’t know the full details of the treatment regime but guess I’ll know all about it on Wednesday and what the schedule will be and over what period of time.

Still doesn’t answer the question of my rising CA125 levels for the fallopian/ovarian cancer which are sky-high now but they can’t seem to find out exactly where the cancer has returned.  Guess though even if they do they can’t treat it at the same time as I am being treated for the plasmacytoma – different drugs and treatment for the different cancers.

Anyway thought I would let you all know.  How do I feel about this and having to go through more chemo?  I can sum it up in one word “resigned”.  I knew there would be more treatments along the line and this is probably only the first of them.  At least now they are doing something I guess and at least this time I don’t have to endure another operation.  Just hope I get to keep my hair as I have just paid out to have it coloured!!!

One good thing happening this week to take my mind off things – my Stampin’ Up order should be arriving any day with all my new goodies.  Hope I will be feeling okay to play with them.

Enjoy your week.


Dee said...

All the best for your treatment Judy.

bronheslop said...

Big hugs, beautiful. I'll touch base with you after Wednesday and see what your schedule is. xxooxxoo

Julia said...

oh wow Judy - it sounds pretty full on - but as you say they are doing something so thats good. Take care and LOTS & LOTS of hugs!!

Leonie Schroder said...

Oh Judy so much to deal with .. please know youre in my thoughts and prayers ... maybe the stamping will be a good distraction for a day at least xx

delysc said...

Keep being the positive person you are and you will beat this again..you did it last time and you can do it again.

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