Share and Care afternoon

September has been designated Gynaecological Cancer Awareness month by the Silver Ribbon Foundation for Gynaecological Cancer based here in New Zealand.

IMG_0788 I put my name down to hold a Share and Care event in my home.  These are being held through the country in an attempt to educate and inform women of the signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancer to enable early detection.  As those of you who regularly read my blog know, this is a cause that is very personal to me.  I held my event yesterday afternoon (Saturday).IMG_0790

(Left: Me)

(Right: Some of my guests)

The Silver Ribbon Foundation provided information, a quiz, prizes and promotional giveaway items.  19 ladies of varying ages came and we had a great afternoon and according to my guests, they gained a lot of insight and information about the four main gynaecological cancers – ovarian, uterine, cervical and vulval/vaginal. My cancer – fallopian tube cancer – being very rare, is treated as ovarian cancer.

Me looking very worried!! Did you all know that pap smears only screen cervical cancer?  The other gynaecological cancers including the biggest killer – ovarian – can not be detected using a pap smear test.  Unfortunately there are currently no tests available that are able to reliably detect these cancers so noticing and getting prompt medical advice about any abnormal symptoms is crucial – these cancers are called the silent killers!

(Right: What did I forget to say – gee I look worried!)

Would all you lovely ladies please have a look at the Silver Ribbon Foundation’s website and set about educating yourselves and then pass on what you have learnt to all your female family and friends.  You owe it to yourselves to be forewarned and therefore less vulnerable.

IMG_0789 Not only did we have a fantastic afternoon but their generosity resulted in over $180 being donated for the Silver Ribbon Foundation.   Thanks to all my guests for helping make this such a huge success.IMG_0793



Here are photos of the information packs given to each guest;  little flower bouquets containing Herschey’s chocolates – yum! that a stamping friend helped me to make for everyone; and some of the cards I made and sold with the proceeds to the Silver Ribbon Foundation.  My lovely friend and neighbour, Joan, donated a bottle of wine (beautifully wrapped) which we raffled off.

.IMG_0786          IMG_0782           IMG_0780           IMG_0781


Anne said...

What a wonderful idea and well done for hosting Judy :)

Viv's Visuals said...

Not been about much Judy, but have caught up on all the happenings!
Looks like your day was a great success...Congrats!

Deby said...

Congratulations on a fabulously-fun and successful event!!! Cheers to you for hostessing and helping to get the word out!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Judy, Sorry I stole Mum away and she missed your very important ladies day. I know that she would have liked to have been there to support you. I shall be sure to visit the web page as suggested by you, I think with our family history forearmed is forewarned! Thanks for being so dedicated to the cause...many would turn there backs and never want to talk about it was they have gone through what you have. Thanks for being so very caring...thanks for being you!!!
Love Always, Your Niece..TinaXXx

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