My new stamping room

Have spent this week having a big change over.  Previously I had converted one of the spare bedrooms into a stamping room but after much thought and mental planning have now moved all my stuff into the study area.  Had a big clean out of the study area and now find that everything fits in great.  It may be a smaller space but it is more compact and everything is easily accessible.  It also saves on power as the office is part of the main living area which is kept heated in the winter so dont have to turn on another heater down the hall.  Also now I have this bedroom back.

Also needed something major to do to keep my mind off all the other ‘crap’ that’s going on in my life.  Dear hubby did all the major lifting jobs for me.

Thought you might like to see some photos – I have notated them to show you where everything lives.  Some of my other craft stuff still lives on the shelves in the bedroom but as these are not being used regularly, it doesn’t matter.

Click on photos to enlarge:

IMG_1862-1 IMG_1864-1 IMG_1865-1 IMG_1866-1 IMG_1867-1 IMG_1868-1 IMG_1869-1 IMG_1870-1 IMG_1871-1 IMG_1873-1

Must admit that I haven’t actually made anything yet!!!  But hopefully this weekend will be able to do some creating.

Have a great weekend all.


Better Scrapbooking Ltd said...

Judy your room looks awesome. I wish I could come and craft with you, LOL.

Anonymous said...

me too Judy your room ..want to do mine next? Love all of your storage..sigh love storage but dont have enough of it!
Have fun crafting in your lovely u beaut room!

Debbie Lamb said...

It looks great Judy! I'll have to visit so I can see it in real life. Mine has been a "work in progress" for about 18 months and just seems to be spreading out all over the house..

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