Two daughters, two birthdays

Both my daughters were born (2 years apart) in the same month with just 9 days between their birthdays.  Kim’s was nine days ago and Nicky’s was today – so Happy Birthday to you both – love you.

Kim’s card was a slight variation on one I did last weekend for a class -

IMG_1323and for Nicky’s card I attempted to do something a bit shabby & chic -

IMG_1366     IMG_1367

Oh where did all those years go and what happened to my two sweet little girls!!  (They’ll kill me for saying that)   ……..


Karen Rogers said...

they're still pretty sweet to me

Paula said...

Two lovely cards for your daughters Judy! My sister (Kim) and I were born two years apart on the SAME day! How's that for timing - must be something in the name too, lol

Debbie Lamb said...

Gorgeous cards Judy! I'm sure your daughters love them :)

Julia said...

lovely cards Judy! Pass my birthday wishes on to Nicola from me too! Have a lovely day.

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