The Week that Was …

My life seems to be a mixed bag at the moment.  Last Wednesday it was my oncology appointment at the hospital.  I was feeling very apprehensive and nervous as to what they found when I had the PET scan in Wellington.  Instead of finding another secondary tumour in the abdominal area where it was last time, and where this type of cancer normally appears but instead two hot spots were found – one in a rib bone and one in my thyroid.  Won’t dwell anymore on this though until they knowsad_face1 for sure what is happening.  Now waiting for a biopsy on the rib and an ultra sound of my thyroid and perhaps even a biopsy there as well if they suspect it is needed. My CA125 levels meantime continue to rise – now 136.  

Neighbourly lunch 2010-07-231


Friday was a much nicer day.  We met with some neighbours and ex-neighbours (we still all keep in touch) for lunch which also extended into afternoon tea!!  Lots of talk and laughter.


Then Saturday night it was out for dinner (Nicky’s birthday).  Really nice Indian restaurant (Chapati’s in Lincoln Road).

Sunday was my turn to help Sally man our table at the Craft Out West show.  So, so busy but very successful.  There were times when they were lining up to have a go with our makes and takes.  These were mine here:IMG_1365      IMG_1370

Mmm why is the second picture blurry?  Couldn’t possibly be the photographer could it? lol

Go here to see Sally’s gorgeous butterfly make & takes -

Finding that I haven’t got the same energy levels as I had and by today was really tired so wasn’t impressed that I had to get up early to go and pick up some tubes from Labtests then be at the hospital by 9 am for them to take bloods via my portacath …  and that didn’t go smoothly either!  Then drop the 4 tubes back to the lab so that they can get the results to oncology.

Gee I’m glad I’m retired – don’t think I would have had the time to be ill if I was still working!

Anyway that’s my ‘week that was’.  As I say a real mixture but yes, the good did outweigh the bad.  Tomorrow I’m going to indulge in a well-earned sleep in.


Karen Rogers said...

with an attitude like yours you'll beat it - go girl! Thank you for my wee birdie card :)))

Ria said...

Well Judy, you still have a lot of energy for all you've had to go thru - puts me to shame!! Have a great sleep in tomorrow and take time out to blob this week ;P

Debbie Lamb said...

You would never have known that you were tired Judy. You looked fab as always when I saw you at the end of the day on Sunday. And, I love your make n' take - no wonder you had people lining up :)

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