Fabulous Friends

To put it simply - no-one could be more blessed with wonderful friends than me.  This morning my lovely neighbour and friend, Joan rang and said to get ready we were going to do the shops and have lunch.  This was unexpected and very enjoyable - thanks Joan.  I have decided I am going to be more spontaneous from now on - forget the housework or washing that needs doing!

I also had a phone call from Beth the Oncology Nurse Specialist at the hospital who liaises between patients and doctors as she had just been reading my notes from my checkup yesterday and wanted to make sure I was coping alright with the news.  It is good to know there is someone there to talk to and get advice from.

IMG_0736 Then tonight on her way home from work my talented Stampin' Up Demonstrator and good friend Karen brought me this gorgeous bunch of spring flowers.  They smell as lovely as they look.  Such a sweet thoughtful thing to do - bless you Karen.  I am now off to put them in a vase.

All in all a much more peaceful day.  I fluctuate with my feelings but it has occurred to me that statistics need to be maintained lol.  So if my news is bad then someone else somewhere has received good news - so hopefully I have unknowingly passed on some good luck to that person!  Mmm - reading what I have just written must make me sound crazy!

Then there are all the lovely comments I have received. Thanks everyone for making my heart a little bit lighter and my day brighter.


Karen R said...

glad we all made your day a wee bit brighter & thank you for my lovely card found in my letter box - just what a woman needs after a hard day at work

Anne said...

Lovely flowers from a true friend for you.


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