I am so angry ....

Have to get this out of my system.  Sorry to lay it on all of you but I am so, so angry - not with anyone in particular, but with what life is dealing me lately.

Went to the hospital for my oncology checkup today and once again my CA125 levels are creeping back up and are not in the 'safe' range.  So it looks like I am not in remission as I thought and for the third time this darn cancer is back.  It just seems to go on and on and on.  So now have to go and have another scan though they don't expect to find anything yet - just another waiting game like last time.  After all I went through over the last 18+ months I didn't want to know, talk or hear about cancer again but now once more I have no choice.

Will just save this blog for a while before deciding whether to post it but it was good to write it down - just like having a silent scream!!

PS:  Yes, I will post this - it is a bit like putting your troubles in a box then closing it for a while!


Lisa Green said...

Dearest Judy,

So sorry to hear about this, the waiting game is terrible, I have a family member that was in the same situatio. My thoughts are with you, be strong, and be happy where and when you can!
Kindest Regards, Lisa.

Karen R said...

oh no Judy you're right it's not fair & certainly not what I ever thought I'd see again

Anne said...

Oh Judy what a bugger :(. So sorry to hear this. Let's hope for third time lucky and you can get shot of it for good.

Best wishes

Joanie said...

That stinks Judy.

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy

I am so sorry to hear that. I was so happy for you when you were clear last time. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

oh no Judy that sucks! Positive thoughts that it will be okay ..fingers crossed here.

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