One sick boy, one worried Nan!

My youngest grandson, Tyler, has unfortunately been in Starship Hospital since last Wednesday with parapneumonic effusion caused through pneumonia. What was initially thought to have been a bad case of influenza ended up being something more serious.  He has been in hospital having intravenous antibiotic treatments and we are still waiting to hear whether it will be necessary for him to have his lung drained.  Hope not!!

TJ in Starship Here is a picture of him with his mates Wayne and Astro.

Took him some soup up earlier today (Sunday) and he was thankfully a lot better and his temperature had stayed stable overnight so that is a good sign that the antibiotics are finally kicking in.  It has taken nearly five days though for this to happen.

Our family has certainly had its share of hospitals over the past year or so.  Just hope that things get better from now on.

He has been such a brave and good patient but is now anxious to get back home again.  My daughter has stayed with him at the hospital the whole time and is looking very tired, so hopefully she can get home and have a good night’s sleep herself.


KarenR said...

great news that he is on the road to recovery - I'm sure he will be running down the corridor tomorrow

Anne said...

Oh, Judy, so sorry to hear about your grandson. You are both in my thoughts.

Kids are up again so fast once they get there, I bet he's charging around making up for lost time!

Hugs and love from Anne

Joanie said...

Aw Judy I am sorry to hear that precious little boy is ill. When he is better though, he'll be full of energy and the whole thing will be a distant memory. There is nothing worse than an ill child. Some good news for you, you won the Bird Stamp..just send me your address at your convenience to: (for your privacy) and I'll send it out to you. Take care of that grandson..he's too adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Judy, Hope u are ok. Please pass on our love and Get Well message to Tyler. Tell Nicky that I am thinking of her. Please post again with Tylers progress as Kaela is very worried about him (me too). Hope u and Uncle Nev are well and when are u coming back to visit us????? Now that your going to be more spontanous I better keep the clean sheets handy for your beds! Love to you both...Tina.

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