Better news this time

Have just been to the second of my two hospital check ups. Today was at the gynaecology oncology outpatients at Greenlane.  So relieved – my CA125 (cancer indicator) levels remain the same as 3 months ago and even though they are still not quite as low as they should be, the good news is that they have not risen any further.

Will have to go and have a scan again, but that’s mainly to give them a new reference point as I haven’t had a scan since my last surgery.

So as long as the scan is clear they don’t need to see me again until February next year – yippee, I can relax and enjoy the holiday season.

But just in case you think “great – she has nothing to complain about at the moment”  … think again!  I’ve somehow done some damage to the pupils of my eyes which according to the optometrist is due to my over-wearing my contact lenses, i.e. keeping them in for too long coupled with the fact that my eyes are drying out (another old-age thing apparently) and I haven’t used the lubricating eye drops as often as I should.  Doesn’t he realise that we gals have to stay up late making cards and scrapbooking, not to mention spending hours on the computer, and haven’t time to think of mere incidentals like this!

The upshot is that I am not allowed to wear my contacts at present, so have to try and manage with my emergency glasses.  My eyes have taken days to re-adjust to these and only now can I walk around without everything looking distorted and my feeling disorientated.  Hence  … no stamping except for this one card my daughter requested.

IMG_0846-1 Not a particularly good photo – I don’t think I should have sat the card on a white table as it has made it look too white when in actual fact the cardstock and background of the patterned paper is Very Vanilla, the same as the ribbon.  You might get a better idea by clicking on the photo.


Regardless of my eyes, I really am feeling much happier about things at present.

Hope you all have a great Guy Fawkes, but please be careful.


Anne said...

Yay Judy this is really, really good news!

Yes, I'm always being warned about my lenses but I can't abide my glasses, can't see to do anything with them. Hope you can use your contacts again soon

KarenR said...

yes it is GREAT NEWS & the card for a hlaf blind person is pretty a OK too

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